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Story Edit

Victory Quotes Edit

"Viewtiful Joe takes the stage!"
"No one can truly NOT be amazed by me! Right?"
"Amazing, but more than that, Viewtiful!"

Fighter Related
"I should take YOUR spot in the games!- Mario
"I hate sloppy seconds, REJECTION!"- Luigi 
"Wait, your not a guy?"- Samus-Aran
"Dumb cheap movie monster!"- Koopa(Bowser)
"Never won a league yet!"- Pikachu
"You blue bombed alright!, no wonder CAPCOM hates you!"- Mega-Man
"You know there's something called overkill, right? Now go clean my helmet!"- Roll
"Before you judge me, see how VIEWTIFUL I am!"- Mewtwo
"I just beat up Sonic, ROADKILL!!"- Sonic The Hedgehog
"Just to make this less worse for you, want me to make you road pizza?"- Fox-McCloud
"HEY! You stole off of ME!"- Captain Commando
"Look doll, you are hot, ok, but you need to know I have a gf."- Dark Magician Girl
'A CHA CHA CHA!!!"- Jill-Valentine
"Hey, stop this! I'm a true star!"- Ness

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