In Game Edit

Sonic may be powerful, but he has low stamina, but he makes up for that with...his power ups from the original Sonic The Hedgehog video games!

Moveset Edit

Homing Attack- With this attack, it helps annoy your opponents plus get in some good combo abilities!
Spin Dash- With this, it helps get across a stage, plus it helps in case you need to dodge a powerful areal attack!
Spin Kick- Nice for chain-grabs as well as nice combos!
Energy Shield- You can select from four kinds of energy shields!
1- Fire Shield- Allows for stronger Homing Attack
2- Electric Shield- Allows for better Stamina
3- Bubble Shield- Allows for better knockback by certain combos and attacks
4- Coin Box- Helps you get super attacks

Story Edit

Victory Quotes Edit

"Stage Cleared!"
"I'm coming for YOU Egg-head!"
"I'm moving onward Tails!"
"Your TOO slow!"

Fighter Related
"Genesis does what Ninten-don't!"- Mario
"Your strong, but arrogant, don't worry, I'm the same way."- Ryu
"Looks like I took down the Blue Bomber again, remember me from the Archie comics crossover?"- Mega-Man 
"Yikes! Sorry little girl, but I'm really busy. My bad..."- Roll
"Yeah, you remind me of Amy, annoying AND looking for a fake boyfriend..."- Tron-Bonne
"Woah, that was close! But this is one hedgehog you'll NEVER catch!"- Jill-Valentine
"That wasn't Tails..."- Fox-McCloud
"Before you open your big mouth again, let me go get my friend Knuckles, he'd kick your tail in a sonic-second!"- Viewtiful-Joe
"My bad miss! Wait a minute, you remind me of that one time with that Arabian book..."- Dark Magician Girl