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At Fourside, not much happens. That is until there was breaking news about what happened at the Mushroom Kingdom! Ness then saw another opportunity for adventure! But watch out Ness, there alien, but no matter, right? You took a whole evil alien race down!

Victory Quotes Edit

"Yay! Did it!"
Fighter Related
"Aww, I thought you had PSI, that's ok though! Maybe I can teach you!"- Dark Magician Girl
"Brains vs Brawn, you have to have both in order to be good!"- Ken
"Woah! You totally outmatch my PK Thunder!"- Blanka
"I defeat aliens, so don't get any ideas..."- Kirby
"Woah! Your an alien fighter just like me! We should team up!"- Samus-Aran
"Even if you have a lot of powers, doesn't mean your better."- Mega-Man
"Wow, your annoying and bratty"- Tron-Bonne
"Why do you remind me of Gygas's alien format?"- Mewtwo
"You will never be a hero with THAT kind of attitude!"- Viewtiful-Joe