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You would think Mewtwo is at peace? Well, no. The genetic Pokémon came to realization and discovered the power in which was being crossed by another dimension! Mewtwo decided to take action into his own psychic brain and defeat this power. Regardless of those who stand in his way.

Victory Quotes Edit

"I can never lose!"
"Why am I here?"
"You have witnessed the almighty power of Mewtwo!"
Fighter Related
"You humans forget that psychic beats fighting! Pathetic..."- Ryu
"You are an imposter to the psychic powers! Away with you!"- M-Bison
"I remember you, you may be powerful, but you cannot match me."- Pikachu
"You so called mutant hunter do a poor job."- Jill-Valentine
"Your more powerful than I imagined..."- Mega-Man
"What are you here for? Get away so you are not harmed."- Roll
"I fight because I say so, not because of some joke like yourself."- Akuma
"Aura, such a good source, but alas, your a fighting type Pokémon."- Lucario
"You are the most decent fighter here so far..."- Zero
"Giovanni tried the same thing, failure."- Tron-Bonne
"I have never seen a child possess psychic power, that truly amazes me."- Ness
"You have no right to be a king."- King-DeDeDe
"As easy as it was in Melee, but you have now seen my true potential."- Koopa(Bowser)
"You are the worst fighter here, go home before death finds you."- Viewtiful-Joe