Mega Man

Mega Man

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Mega Man is seen meeting up with Dr. Light, who tells Mega Man about discovering a new energy source that is amplified from another dimension. Fortunately, Dr. Light has created a dimension-travelling machine to investigate this. Mega Man gets into the machine, Dr. Light wishes him luck, and Mega Man sets off on another adventure.

Victory Quotes Edit

"Sorry, but I'm not interested in your power up."
"What a battle, Dr. Light!"
"I don't detect Dr. Wily anywhere..."
Fighter Related
"Just a question, how do you jump through pipes?"- Mario
"Nice sword! Though I'm not sure I want that fairy around me..."- Link
"So, you copy powers too?!"- Kirby
"Small, but powerful! I understand your kind of type!"- Pikachu
"Roll?! Are you ok?! You really need to leave this stuff to me..."- Roll
"WOAH, was I seeing double?!"- Mega-Man-Volnutt
"A DATE?! I don't even KNOW you!!"- Tron-Bonne
"Wow! I never thought I'd get this far!"- Ryu
"You have CRAZY skills for a robot!!"- Zero
"Wow, what a waste of potential..."- Viewtiful-Joe