In Game Edit

Mario is a somewhat powerful but also has a very powerful CPU. Playing as Mario is somewhat advanced than that of a regular Mario character.

Moveset Edit

Fireball- Simple and easy projectile, the Fireball makes for good combo ability.  

Mario Tornado- This attack makes no knockback, but it makes for good combos!  

Coin Punch- This attack is very nice for comeback, especially when you are in defense.

Story Edit

As Mario looks upon the stars of the Mushroom Kingdom, he saw a dark void! Could Bowser be behind this?! Just then, Rosalina calls upon Mario, telling him about strangers from another dimension crashing into theirs! And as usual, Mario goes on his amazing adventure!

== Victory Quotes ==
"Level Clear!"
"Whoo! What a challenge!"
Cast Related
"I respect you as a hero, but I'm still the mascot!"- Link
"We should have a picnic sometime!"- Kirby
"Your no ordinary fighter!"- Ryu 
"What a shock! I beat you!"- Mega-Man
"Electrifying!"- Pikachu
"Sorry bro, but the Year of Luigi is over!"- Luigi
"As Always, you lost again!"- Koopa(Bowser)

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