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"I don't like to fight, but looks like I had too..."
"I'm so sorry! Please understand!"
"Woah! That was CLOSE."
"What would Yugi think of me now?" 
Fighter Related
"So YOU are Mario! Nice fight!"- Mario
"Woah! Watch were you point that thing!!"- Link
"PSI? No, I have magic!"- Ness
"Your fast alright, but as said, speedy is hasty."- Sonic The Hedgehog
"Your SO cute, though your tough for a small guy!"- Pikachu
"Yuck! Your language is VERY inappropriate! Not to mention your attitude."- Viewtiful-Joe
"Wow! Where can I do THAT kind of footwork?!"- Chun-Li
"Even the under looked can do something, you are an example as well as I." Blanka
"You remind me of a grosser version of Blue-Eyes."- Ridley
"FALCON PUNCH! *giggle*"- Captain Falcon