Hey everyone! I apologize for having to take this stuff out, but I thought it would be nice to share what exactly I had to take out.


Wario- Wario didn't seem to fit the competitive standpoint of Nintendo vs. CAPCOM, even though people wanted him, I honestly didn't.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon- Originally, I wanted Blue-Eyes to be the Yu-Gi-Oh rep. But then I realized that no one ever MADE him on MUGEN, plus I found a MUCH better choice, that being Dark Magician Girl. If I ever come to make a sequel, I'll do what I can to add Blue-Eyes.

More Street Fighter Characters- I had a TON of people ask me, "Is Ryu in it?!" my answer, "(-_-), *face-palm*" Look, I know Street Fighter is an awesome game and all, but I am NOT going to over populate the roster with just ONE series in particular. For example, Super Mario Bros has only three reps. right now, and I MAY add another. I've been thinking about another Street Fighter character, but that'll be it.

Proto-Man, Bass, and other Robot Masters- I actually wanted this to happen, but like I said, I'm not going to over populate the roster with just one series. If I ever make a sequel, these guys will for sure make it.

Minda, Skull Kid, Zelda, and Ganondorf- Sorry to ALL Legend of Zelda fans, I tried to do it, but just like Blue-Eyes, they were never made (or not made properly) on MUGEN.

Ash Ketchum- Actually, this was a thing; I have been trying to replace the PKMN Trainer with Ash and Ivysaur with Bulbasaur, but it didn't end well. Right now, I'm debating whether I should have Ash alongside Pikachu, or just cut him in general. You decide! I'll make a poll!

Mega Man X- Early in development, I was going to have him, but because of awkward animation issues, we dropped him out.


Marvel vs. Capcom Stages- Just because this is called Nintendo vs. Capcom, all of the Marvel vs. Capcom stages will NOT feature in this game. Why? Because Marvel isn't IN this game, (come on, laugh a little!)

Luigi's Mansion- Originally, I wanted to have Luigi's Mansion in the game along with a cameo by Slenderman, but it didn't really feel like Luigi's Mansion (I'm not saying it was Slender, it was the end result of my Sketch-up), so I replaced it with Gothic 3D.

WarioWare- Just for the sake that Wario isn't in this game.

Campus Rooftop- Because no character in this game is from Rival Schools, plus I have NO idea what that is.

Wily Castle- It looked VERY dull, plus I've got a MUCH better Mega Man stage in store for this game!